Friday, May 10, 2013

mowed a little lawn

Today was my first opportunity to do some mowing and all of a sudden the lawn is looking rough so it was time.  I started with the lawn around the house for a couple or reasons.  That part had the fewest branches that needed to picked up before mowing and I wanted the grass short so that I can see any snakes that show up near the garden.  I mowed around the house, the ditch and around the new cornfield.  What usually happens when I mow is that I drive by all these projects that need to be completed and today was no exception.  There are lots of things to do.  There are getting to be little signs of things coming to life.  There are a few tulips in the flower bed and the fern peony is starting to come.  There are a lot of poppies started and a few left over milkweeds to remove. 

I did a quick tour of the orchard and the apple trees are starting to look like they are getting buds but I am not sure if they are leaf buds or flower buds. The plum and pear trees are not a far along yet, but I am hoping that what i am seeing are tiny buds just getting started.  There is no sign of asparagus yet or or blueberries, strawberries or raspberries coming to life.  There may be a hint of rhubarb starting to pop through.  All of the above need to be weeded.  Hopefully there will be good weather on the weekend.  It was clouding up in the west but only  a sprinkle so far. 

I have been spending a little time trying to lay out the front half of the cornfield.  I want to make the best use of the space and match the plan to the seedling inventory that is also a work in progress.  Excited to get started out there As I was making laps around the space with the lawn mower I was picturing it all growing.  Most of the planned crops for that area are warm weather crops so another two or three weeks to wait.  I think our last frost date is May 23 but I will need to verify that. Looking ahead to this week there is one night with an overnight low of 32 so it is pretty early yet.

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