Monday, May 13, 2013

the orchard gets fertilized

Today the UPS driver brought a mother's day gift from my son, Nathan.  It was a vibrating hand seeder and a bag of fruit tree fertilizer.  The hand seeder is supposed to dispense even the smallest seeds one at a time.  Many of the seeds that I plant are very tiny so I am anxious to give it a try.  I already have used some of the fertilizer.  As soon as it came I was outside, I weeded around the trees, sprinkled a cup of the fertilizer around each of the trees and spread a few shovelfuls of compost over the fertilizer and gave each tree a good drink.  It is fun to see the buds starting to come on the trees.
the full size apple

the dwarf apple
The east plum

the west plum
last year's pear
The new pear-Waterville
This week I will weed and fertilize the blueberry plants, the raspberry canes, the asparagus bed and the rhubarb as well as the strawberries in the tower.  No signs of spring in the blueberry or strawberry plants but there are leaves coming on the raspberries and a few asparagus spears have started to poke thru the ground.  The rhubarb is also starting to make an appearance.
The ornamental flowering cherry tree starting to get leaves.  Yep, spring is coming.

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