Saturday, May 4, 2013

putting on my mittens to plant a few peas

A few days ago I was reading some gardening tips online that talked about presprouting pea seeds to get a jump on the season so I decided to give it a try.  I took my pea seeds and placed them in a damp paper towel on a plate and put the paper towel in a zippered plastic bag.  Today, this is what my peas look like:

They are plumped up and some of them have sprouted.  We are expecting rain later today and tomorrow so I think that it is time to get them in the ground.

It is cold out.  The weather channel online says that it is 40 but feels like 34.  It is cloudy and a little windy.  Not a nice day to be working outside for any length of time.  I am going to try wide row planting and will scatter the presprouted peas seeds into a small raised bed box.  I am hoping that as the peas grow the plants will support each other.

Dad and Lisa and I have been discussing a couple watering concerns.  I have one at my house and Lisa has one of her own.  The area that is the new 'cornfield' is a long way from a water source.  I have been planning to run a really long hose through the grove and use that to water the cornfield.  I was hoping that most of the time mother nature would do the watering and the hose would be mostly for dry spells.  Last year we had a drought so there is no guarantee about rain.

Lisa's issue is with her spot at the community garden.  In the past they have been able to run a really long hose to the garden from the nearby apartment building.  This year it sounds like that might not be an option and there are no other nearby sources of water.  We discussed harvesting rainwater off of the shed nearby but there are no gutters on the building.

So I went to Craig's List looking for the 275 gallon white totes. A while back i missed out on an opportunity to buy one or several and was hoping that there were more to be had.  I did not find any of those but I did find for sale a water tank on a trailer. 

The seller had used it to water trees.  Dad contacted the seller to check it out and see if he could negotiate a price and I found out last night that it is ours!  We pick it up on Wednesday afternoon.  I think that it will possibly solve both my water issues and Lisa's.  Yay!

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