Saturday, May 25, 2013

playing catch-up

The cloudy rainy weather has saved me from watering but the grass and the weeds are growing like--well, like weeds. I have most of the lawn mowed but I had to raise up the deck so the cut is rough and it needs to be mowed again at it's usual height.  I have picked up some of the grass clippings but the there is more to collect.  The pull behind lawn sweeper is working well. 

I haven't gotten anything more planted but am hoping that Monday will be a productive planting day.

Nikole hauled her tomatoes and other plants to the big city.  I have not heard if the nasty weather kept them from getting a few in the ground or not.  I just know that she had the jeep fully loaded.  Even poor Honey had only a small amount of front seat to sit on. 

The sweet potato slips have arrived and hopefully will go in the garden the next day or two.  It was too windy today to mess with plastic sheeting so hoping for a calm day to get them in the ground.

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