Saturday, April 20, 2013


Winter storm yogi entered our yard from the north.  I am anxious for spring so was not too excited to take pictures of the new white stuff but did think that these trees were interesting.  The evergreens in our yard were snow covered on the north sides and  mostly snow free on the south facing sides.
You can see here how the left side is rounded with branches outgoing and the right side is snow covered with the heavy snow holding down the branches and flattening that side of the tree.  The bottommost branches are stuck in the snowbank that formed as the snow fell from the tree to the ground.

This is the row of trees by the second driveway.  North is from the left in these photos.

This is the spot where the replacement pear tree will go.  See that little twig sticking up in the snow to the right of the blue bottle bush?  That is the tree that didn't make it.  The new one will go in the same spot.  I have been informed by Nathan that the replacement has been shipped and could arrive today.  A little shoveling is in order to try to get it in the ground while still dormant. 
It is supposed to be near 50 tomorrow but I hear we may have another shot at snow next week.  Sigh. 

This is a video of ice falling from the trees after winter storm Xerxes.

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