Saturday, August 10, 2013

fnally some garden pics of something other than foliage

At the last minute as the sun was getting ready to set i decided to take a few garden pictures now that some of the produce is getting big enough to see in a picture.  Here is the Perry corn.  almost as tall as the Johnny corn and tasseling and just starting to get silks. 
A couple days ago when Cait and I were checking out the corn we noticed that some of this variety was tipped over.  The north half of the most inside three rows were all tipped the same direction.  Wind?  Cody?  Deer?   The next day some more was tipped but this time it was further into the center of the patch and it kind of looked like it followed a path on a diagonal.  So I am thinking perhaps an animal rather than wind and I am hoping that it is one of ours rather than marauding wildlife.

This is a picture of the tiny melons just starting to form.  None of the vines are staying where I planted then but I am guessing that this is a watermelon.  This year we planted two varieties one with red flesh and one with yellow flesh.  I tried to take some pictures one handed to give an idea of the size of the veggies and fruit.  This has a diameter similar to a tennis ball but longer.
Here is a picture of a butternut squash next to a green pumpkin in the section where i planted the butternut squashes.  I estimate the diameter of the pumpkin is about 8 inches.
Here is a group of cantaloupe.  This year we planted a couple different varieties partly because we had some seed from last year that we never planted.  If we find that we like some more than others we will have to follow the vines back to see which one is which.
Here is a picture of a couple acorn squash.
This is the Amish paste tomatoes.  I didn't think we were getting any tomatoes on these plants yet but they are there, kind of hidden in the foliage.
These are the big beef tomatoes.  No red ones yet.
And here are the brandywines.
I did take a look at the apples as well.  The apples are getting bigger and the apples of the east tree are starting to get red.  The ones on the west tree have had a little red blush from the very beginning and that has not really changed.
East tree

West tree
I have to admit to a taste test.  The reddening apple in the east tree picture came off in my hand as I was trying to take its picture so I ate it.  It was a little bit hard and still pretty sour but the flesh had a nice texture and was very pretty.  I didn't see any insect damage or worm holes.

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