Wednesday, August 21, 2013

today was a project day

Nathan was home yesterday and today and we had a chance to work on some projects.  He had been planning to come to the farm to participate with an installation in the greenhouse of a system to help circulate air during the winter but two days before the installation we sprung a leak in the trap area of the plumbing at the kitchen sink.  So last night he replaced the plumbing.  I took a picture of my new plumbing but decided it needed a little primer and paint in the inside of the cabinet before it will be photo ready.

This is photo worthy.  This is my new faucet.  I have wanted a faucet like this for a long time and a while back Caitlin and I found this one on clearance for about 30% of regular price and it has been sitting here waiting to be installed.  So while we had the cabinet empty fixing the leak Nathan installed the faucet as well.  I am so excited.  My old one was not one that was selected by me and it was not my style and was really dated.  Thank you Nathan!!

Here is the other project, the greenhouse project.  Last winter we met a gentleman at the Deep Winter Growers meeting who had an idea that might work to improve the temperature control in the greenhouse.  Bob suggested that we collect the warm air that naturally rises to the peak of the greenhouse and bring it down and circulate it around the water containers which would be located under the tables.  Fronts will be built on the tables creating a tunnel through which the warm air will travel.  The plan is to make it so that we can circulate the warm are back into the growing spaces if we are trying to keep the greenhouse warmer and to discharge the warm air out of the greenhouse if we are trying to cool it off.

Today Bob and Karen, his wife, arrived with ductwork pieces that he had custom fabricated for our space.  He and Nathan were able to complete stage one of the installation--the overhead collection ductwork.  It was miserable working conditions, working overhead while standing on ladders in a very warm room.
 Here is the finished stage one.

And here are the Bob, Karen and Nathan cooling off in the shade when the project was completed.

Now that part one is installed, measurements for the ductwork which will bring the warm air down the wall to circulate under the tables are taken and that part of the ductwork can be fabricated and then installed.  So appreciative of this group.  Great ideas and great workers.

Bob and Karen have left for home and so have Nathan and Reese.  This is my one more project for the evening as well as some pickles that have been brining and are now ready to can.

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