Friday, August 30, 2013

the building of the farm stand

Kind of late in the game we decided to build a farm stand to sell a few surplus fruits and vegetables.  We started with an old trailer affectionately called the Root trailer because it had once belonged to a man whose last name was Root.  Here is a photo of the inside of the trailer in its 'before' condition.  The inside and outside were faded plywood that had once been painted gray.

We started by painting the sides barn red and then Caitlin painted the lettering on the sides.
First she painted the left side which says "farm fresh produce" using two different lettering styles.

The next day she painted "hand planted, hand harvested" on the right side.
When it came time to add a roof to shade our fruits and vegetables Dad came to the rescue with labor and reclaimed building materials.  The rafters were two that we had salvaged from my brother's old dog house and the posts were some 2x4s and 2x6s that were rescued from a cabin restoration at the lake.  Here is the rafters and corner posts in place.

Next we added the purlins which were also reclaimed wood.

We added two sheets of salvaged plywood to create the roof and here it is ready for business.  Dad built the bins to display the produce and the white box to collect the payments.  Our stand is self serve on the honor system and will be open when we have produce available.

I have plans to tweak it a little more, closing in the rafter end area and adding a sign and probably a little awning over the bins.  If we have enough traffic to warrant it we could also sell out of the sides and bigger items like watermelons and pumpkins may need a different type of display area and we will add a cooler for more perishable items when we have them.

Thanks Dad and Caitlin for all your assistance in this project!

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