Friday, October 31, 2014

a visitor to the farm

This year the hobby farm has corn planted around it and across the road and harvest is in full swing with both of the farmers that own the fields combining the corn and hauling it away in big trucks.  It is cold out and predicted to get colder so I am warming up a bit before I head out to dig up my Brussels sprouts.  I am sitting at my computer and glance out the window and see an animal in the front yard where the lawn meets the road ditch.  It is a bit of a distance away but I grabbed my phone hoping to catch a picture of it.  Sadie my one big dog is napping in the house.  Codie my other big dog is standing up by the house watching but not barking.  I only had a chance to get one picture and it was pretty blurry and far away.

I tried cropping the photo to see if I could get a better view of the animal but it was pretty pixelated.

I sent the picture to my sister who I was in the process of emailing at the time and she sent it to her son and then we sent it to Perry who said that it was a coyote, guessing that it could be the Alpha male of the pack since it was quite large.  I am speculating that all of the activity in the nearby fields had him on the move.  I quickly called for Manny and put him in the house.   It is a good thing that he (mostly) comes when he is called. He will now be a house cat only.  When I went out to the garden Codie went with me and she went down the road halfway to the neighbor's house checking the ditches on both sides of the road.  Others around here have seen coyotes in the area but this is the first one that I have seen and the first time that I know of where one has been in my yard.  It is a little unsettling. 

This was yesterday and I have not seen him again.  Manny goes to the door and meows to go out.  Then he comes to where I am sitting at the computer and stretches up and looks at me with those soulful eyes and begs to go out.  He seems to understand when I tell him about the scary animal outside and finds a place to nap.  Poor Manny.  He'll get used to staying indoors again.



  1. A coyote, really? How scary and cool at the same time! Living here in the suburbs, the best I see every day is a squirrel! This past summer a baby bunny came to live in my yard, he/ she was really quite tame and super tame. I had a great time watching that bunny grow and hop around the grass, eating clover. Of course, if there was a coyote in my yard, I don't think it'd be as cute. I hope your kitty likes the cozy warmth of the house!

    1. He is still begging to go out but seems resigned to just look out the window. Soon it will be cold and then I am hoping he will lose interest. At some point he may go to live with my daughter who will most likely need him to stay in the house so it is okay that he is getting used to it. I have not seen the coyote again which is okay.