Tuesday, October 21, 2014

our lumberjack weekend

For several years now we have had a lumberjack weekend in the fall at the farm.  We have lots of old trees and my dad burns wood to heat his shop and my brother has a fireplace and my sister, my kids and I have the occasional campfire.  This year the selected trees for this project was one near the house and a couple more that needed trimming but not cutting down so we had a pro come in and drop the tree and trim the others.  That left us with cutting up the logs into manageable lengths and then splitting and stacking to allow the wood to dry and be ready for burning next winter. 

It is always a lot of fun, working together on a project.  It is a lot of work and there are some aches and pains and stiffness afterwards but it is great to see the wood all stacked.  This year our crew included my parents, my sister and her daughter, my brother, and my son and daughters.  We had a few pickups.

and even more dogs.  This year there were six, two that live with me at the farm and four that visit with my kids.  Missing from the pictures is Indiana, the newest member of the group who was in the house napping when I was taking pictures.  It is a shame that I missed his picture because he is really adorable, a yellow lab/retriever cross who is only 10 weeks old. 

Reese and Honey


Sadie and Codie
This is a picture of the log that my daughter rescued for a future piece of furniture.

This is a stack of logs waiting to be split.

Some of the crew working hard.

our finished product

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