Monday, October 27, 2014


This year I grew leeks for the first time.  I started them from seed in the greenhouse and then transplanted them to larger cups and then into the open garden.  I planted some of them in my garden and my sister planted some in her garden.  Here is part of the harvest from my garden.

I think that I will definitely grow them again.  They are a long season crop but getting a head start in the greenhouse allowed them to do well for me this year.  Perhaps they liked the cool wet spring..  If I remember correctly we germinated close to 100 baby plants from one seed packet.  So far I have used them in a leek and potato quiche that I have made twice.  It is very flavorful and once it had cooled I cut it into servings and froze individual servings in freezer bags and I am looking forward to pulling out a piece and enjoying it again this winter.  See the recipe for the leek and potato quiche here.

The other type of leek recipe that I saw a lot of on the internet were soups.  Most of the recipes contained a dairy component and I was reading that dairy is not recommended for canning.  I was excited when I came across a recipe for a soup base that was a soup starter that had the dairy, seasonings and other ingredients added when the soup was reheated. I canned a few pint jars and now when I am ready to make soup much will be done already.  To see the recipe for leek and potato soup base go here.

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