Friday, October 17, 2014

Manny helps in the greenhouse

My youngest daughter has two cats that live with me at the farm.  One of them is Manny, a cat from the Human Society that came to live here shortly before she graduated from college.  She  saw his picture on their website and sent Mom and I to rescue him.  He is a Maine Coon, a wonderful, big cat.  This summer he has gotten used to being outside during the day and loves to be wherever there is something going on at the farm. 

I have been getting the greenhouse ready for winter plants and doing some sowing of seeds and Manny followed me out there one evening and was busy snooping around.  All of a sudden he was on the potting counter and then on top of the door eying the exposed rafters. 

I quickly grabbed a picture to send to Caitlin, glad that I happened to have my phone handy.  I worried that he wouldn't be able to get down and didn't want him to fall or jump but he was able to jump back to the potting counter without incident.  What a cat.

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