Sunday, April 19, 2015

April showers...

After missing the last couple of predicted rains we are finally getting some moisture.  So far the rain has been a gentle shower.  I don't have my rain gauge out yet as we are still in line for some lows in the upper 20s and sure enough I would forget to empty it and it would be done for but I am glad to be getting some precipitation.

I have been working on getting the tomato and pepper seedlings up potted into cups and tomorrow should be the last of them.  This year we are trying two hot peppers and a bell pepper.  I have not grown peppers from seed so it is a new this year.  So far they seem to be doing okay.  We selected six different tomatoes, a hybrid slicer, two heirloom slicers, an heirloom paste and two cherry tomatoes, one a standard sized cherry and one a grape sized cherry.  Both of the cherries are heirloom as well.  So far the plants are looking healthy.  It is fun seeing the tub after tub of cups lining the tables and shelves.

I planted a few potatoes.  Last year I didn't get all of my potatoes dug before the snow came.  This year I am going to grow some above ground in containers.  I started some in containers last year but they did not get the attention that they needed as they were in the potager which was mostly neglected.  I am hoping that having them planted in the big garden will work better.

Yesterday I had a chance to work on the raspberry row and the asparagus row that are near the potager.  I raked away as much of the dead plant material as I could but will still need to do some hand weeding.  No sign of asparagus popping through the soil yet but the raspberries are starting to get some leaves on the canes and I noticed some signs of life in the row of sand cherries as well.  Mom and Dad have rhubarb coming but theirs is a bit protected.  Mine is only protected by weeds. :) 


  1. I'm getting hungry just reading your post! Lots of yummy color brewing in your world!