Monday, April 27, 2015

three beggars

Today I rode with  my mom and dad and they stopped at the farm and picked me up.  My mom carries dog treats in her car and so as soon as they pulled in my three dogs were hanging out waiting in case there were goodies.  They were not disappointed.  Left to right is Sadie, Codie and Elke.

On the weekend Caitlin and Robb  were at the farm and they spent a part of the afternoon working on the ram pens removing the dead cockle burrs and other weeds  that were in and around the pens and near the old gas barrel.  They were areas that have been neglected which allowed the weeds to grow up.  They also removed a lean-to type roof from the right pen that was falling down and spread some pasture mix seed.  Great projects to get  completed and so glad for the help.   

I have no in progress or before pictures but here is an after.


  1. The pups are adorable. They are so smart, aren't they?

    1. I am always kind of amazed at what they know. The three farm dogs all have some Great Pyrenees in them and they are natural protectors. It has been fun watching Elke, our newest, watch and copy the other two and also the four dogs that visit when my kids are at the farm.