Thursday, April 16, 2015

finally a less windy day

The farm has been experiencing some nice temperatures but the wind has made it tough to do much outside.  Day after day the winds blew--mostly from the south so there was no protection from the grove. I spent some time working on transplanting seedlings indoors but the only thing I did outside was turn a few of the garden rows with the claw.  I was sure that any leaves or compost that I added would just blow away.  Today, was different, the weather was cooperating.  No wind, sunny for awhile and then it clouded over.  It looked like it could rain but it didn't.  Rain wasn't predicted and we have not gotten any the last couple of times that there was a decent chance.  Even without any 'April Showers' the lawn is greening up and the herd is spending more of their time out on the pasture. 

Today I got six more rows ready to plant.  I flushed the water line and had good pressure at the garden end.  It appears that the water system has survived its first winter intact.    Since mother nature isn't watering the peas I did.  I don't have the short hoses and the sprinklers set up, just a hose but it is only one row, so far, that is needing to be watered. 

The winter greens are mostly done.  A few remain that have not bolted yet but mostly there is a need to empty the containers to make room for the cups holding the transplanted summer crops.  The new fan is helping to keep the greenhouse a bit cooler.  That will be the prime focus on any day that is sunny as it can easily get too warm.  I miscalculated one day that I was gone for a few hours and came home to a few fried herb seedlings.  They were the most vulnerable as they recently had been potted up from the seed trays to cups.  Everything else survived but it was a good lesson learned.  Now I open everything up and get all the fans going when I need to be gone even if it isn't predicted to be sunny, just in case. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be less windy again so I am hoping to get a bunch more done in the garden.  Perhaps some pictures and a new update will follow.


  1. We have had wind, no rain, until today. Of course, I am not trying to grow food. My hostas will come up regardless of the weather!

    1. Hostas are great. There are so many different varieties.