Thursday, October 15, 2015

what a difference a couple of days makes

The weather this time of year can be pretty varied in Minnesota.  On Sunday it was 91 degrees, just a degree or two shy of the record.  The next day, Monday it was cool and overcast.  A great day for soup.

Caitlin and Robb shared with me some of their soup that they made on the weekend.  She borrowed my largest stockpot because they were making two big batches of soup for the freezer.  I enjoyed it for lunch today.  Hamburger in a tomato-y broth with onions, peas, corn, carrots, green beans, cabbage, kale, potatoes and egg noodles.  It was lovely, very flavorful, and just the right thing on this cloudy, cooler day.

Today is Thursday and the low the next couple of nights, or early  mornings, could get to freezing so I am getting ready just in case.  I moved all of the wedding celebration herbs into the greenhouse that were in the pots.  I will cover the ones in the herb garden until I can get them dug up and relocated.  I picked the ripening tomatoes and all of the peppers of any size.  I picked the green beans and eggplants.  I will water everything and then unhook the hoses.  We are predicted to have a warmer rest of the month so the plan is to get thru the next couple of nights and then a bit of Indian Summer.

I still have a bunch of end of the season stuff to do in the gardens.  I am going to tarp part of the garden and am trying to get the more weeding done.  My sister donated her two big tarps so I am planning to spread them over some of the rows with the intended outcome that the tarps will smother the weeds, and if any weed seeds germinate they will not have sunlight to grow.  Not sure how it will affect snow melt in the spring but I am so hoping that the weeds will be less.  

Happy Fall!  



  1. That soup looks great. I have been making a cheater's chicken soup the last few afternoons for lunch. I throw pastina, a chicken bouillon cube, dark meat, carrots and onion flakes into a pot. Homemade chicken soup in about 15 minutes! Not nearly as good as the soup you've been eating, but in a pinch, it was yummy!

    1. Thanks Kim. Your cheater soup does sound yummy. And quick. I will have to give it a try.