Wednesday, June 19, 2013

look at this poor little zucchini...

And there are four more just like it.
The flowers are almost bigger than the plant.  We had a half inch of rain during the night and things are looking a little perkier in the cornfield. I don't think that watering is quite the same as a nice rain shower so it was nice to have a little help from mother nature.

Tomorrow the plan is to get some measurements to get water through the grove so that we can use a hose to water.  I don't think that we will find a portable tank.  The two options that are being considered are a hose or lengths of pvc glued together that would lay through the grove and hoses would be attached at each end to get to the faucet on the east end and to a sprinkler or wand on the west end.  Mom and Dad are coming out and we are going to check out our hose supply and see if we can come up with a solution.  Carrying water was doable but very putzy.

Just as an update I think that I am done planting corn.  We currently have with the two varieties 42  planted rows that 20 feet long and 40 seeds planted in each row.  It is last years seed so we can expect some loss in germination rate but still hoping for enough to eat, share and freeze. And maybe sell some.  It would be nice to have enough sales to pay the expenses like seeds, seed starting mix and containers and the additional utility costs for the greenhouse.

I have a couple small spaces yet that are not planted which could be succession plantings.  I have planted a row of carrots, a row of cilantro ad a row of kohlrabi mixed with radish.  They are planted along side the melon patch.  I think I have space to make three more raised rows that can then be planted.  I will have to inventory my seed stash and see what i have left.

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