Wednesday, June 26, 2013

water project finished and a nest update

Mom and Dad came out and we finished the water project.  All is left to do is to hook up the hoses and it is ready to go.  But since we had three inches of rain the last week it may be a little while before we need to use it.
This is the far end.  The red handle is a shut off valve and the hose hooks onto the part that sticks out.  So far it is duct taped to the post to keep it secure.  That will eventually be replaced with some type of pipe fastening system which will be more permanent. 

This is the near end.  A hose will connect the top of this pipe to the faucet on the house or the hydrant.  When I am ready to water I can turn the hose on at the house and the shut off valve will keep the water from being wasted while I walk around to the other end to water.  I can then turn the water on at the shut off and water away. 

So, today I was walking down the driveway to get the mail and I spotted a small intact blue egg lying on the driveway.  I immediately thought ti was from the nest that I had found when weeding the cobalt garden and was afraid that one of the dogs had stolen it from the nest.  We used to have chickens and sometimes the dogs would help me pick eggs.  Cody would carry hers off intact.  I think that she thought it was a tennis ball.  I would sometimes find her eggs where she left them.  Sadie on the other hand has no time for tennis balls so she would carry hers off and break it open and eat it. 

I went to check the nest and the mom was gone and there were two eggs that had hatched and two little brown fuzzy birds in the nest.  I decided to put the egg that I had found back in the nest.  I could not tell for sure how many eggs were left there and after I put the egg in there is seems that it might not be the right nest as the eggs may be a different color.  I guess we will have to see what happens.

It is hard to see for sure but here is the nest with the blue egg and the little birds and the other unhatched eggs.  When Mom and Dad were here I had mom take a look and we startled the mother bird who was sitting on the nest. 

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