Sunday, June 2, 2013

some of the sweet corn goes in

On Friday I had a chance to plant a few rows of the Johnny's sweet corn.  I laid out the stakes for the rest of the crop and then transplanted some melon to the west of the corn.

On Saturday I had wonderful help from Nikole and Michelle and we were able to get the rest of the Johnny's planted.  We have 18 rows, each with 40 seeds per row.  This was corn seed that was purchased for last year.  We also have some other seed from last year and once I get more of the transplants in I will be adding that corn to the other end of the field.  I am hoping that it will be at least as much. 

We were also able to get the rest of the sweet potato slips in the ground.

While we were planting Nathan was modifying the discharge hose for the sump pump in the well hole.  Now all three of our sump pumps have rigid PVC pipes to lift the water.  Thanks kids for great help. 

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