Thursday, June 13, 2013

the corn is up

Tonight was the first that the corn is up--at least a few.  I imagine that within a couple days it will be more consistently up and visible down the rows.  This is the Johnny's corn, a sweet hybrid called Luscious.  For anyone who may be keeping track these are the seeds that Michelle and Nikole planted and they beat up the ones that I planted a day earlier.
Here are a couple more garden pictures.
The pole beans
The early planted potatoes
The squashes and pumpkins
And an apple update.   This is the west apple tree, the one that we think may be a full size tree.  Here is the last blossom.
And here is what I think might be an apple starting.
And another one.
I have to be honest and admit that Grandpa Denny spotted them first yesterday, but I did not have a camera with so i didn't get a picture until today.  We have tried for a while now to get apples and I am so hoping that this is the year.  This tree bloomed a little earlier than the other so i am hoping that the other will be setting fruit soon as well. 

I took this picture a few days ago when the lilac was blooming and I am glad that I took it when I did as the flowers are starting to fade.
And the poppies are blooming.
And the iris are starting.  I was worried that these would not come back after the iris borer from last year but I am more optimistic now that they seem to be coming.
See all that grass?  That is one of my projects for tomorrow.  Everything needs to be weeded.  Just as soon as I get the rest of the sweet corn planted.

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