Thursday, June 27, 2013

a couple of firsts

Today it was drier than I expected.  We have had three inches of rain within the last week and yesterday the cornfield was muddy.  Today, the top of the soil was dry and it allowed me to really try out my new garden tool.  Thank you, Nikole!!

My new tool is called a stirrup hoe and it looks like a red stirrup and it has a little bit of swivel to it and it cuts on the push and the pull in order to cover a lot of ground quickly.  It doesn't work too well on mud but I have been trying it every day waiting for the right conditions and today was  the day.  I used it in the cornfield in the Johnny corn and it worked great.  I mostly cut with in on the pull, partly because I would forget to push and partly because my weeds were mostly grass and it got under the roots  better on the pull.  I did try pushing and on small broad leaf weeds it worked great.

The other 'first' today was that I watered the cornfield with the new water system.  I needed four hoses to get to the far end of the field.  I did both some watering with the hose and some with the sprinkler.  I ended up with some hassles dragging the hose up and down the rows.  I was concerned about plant damage from the hose as I moved in and out of the rows.  There may be a solution to that if I give it some thought.  There would be less potential for damage if I used the sprinkler so that might end up being the method that I eventually settle on.

Boy have the weeds been loving this weather.  Everywhere I look there is weeding to do.  That will be my agenda for the weekend.  As I get done I will try to post pictures.  I am not too excited about showing off my weeds.

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