Monday, July 1, 2013

first of the month garden update-the orchard

It is the first of July and I thought I thought I would try to do a photo update over the next day or two of all of the parts of the farm that are growing food.  I decided to start with the orchard.  Things are coming along nicely.  We are getting fruit on the apple trees and it is early yet to expect fruit on the plums and pears but they are getting bigger with lots of leaves.  I have an email in to the company where the trees came from to see if I can find out if i need to do something with the funky plum tree with two kinds of growth.  So far I am still waiting for an answer and I am hoping that they can help me.  

Here is the new pear tree, this is the replacement tree for the one that didn't grow last year.  This one seems to be doing well.

Here is the other pear.  This was planted last year so it is in its second season.
Hear is one of the plums.  This one seems to be doing well.  It is surprising to me how tall it has gotten.  This was also planted last year.
And here is the funky plum.  I am not sure if this is normal growth for a plum but there is a lot of new growth from the bottom and the leaves and branches are different than the original growth. Not sure if you can tell from the picture but the original growth has gray bark and long, narrow pointed leaves.  The new growth has red/brown bark and a more oval leaf shape. 
Here is the apple that we believe to be a dwarf tree.  You can see the small green apple that is about a inch across.   The tree is looking good.
And here is the tree that we believe to be full sized.  It also has apples about an inch across.  These apples are green with a hint of pink on them.  I am hoping that having fruit this year will help us determine what variety they might be. 

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