Wednesday, July 3, 2013

first of the month garden update- cucumbers, pole beans and melons

We have one raised row devoted to cucumbers.  There is a length of fence and cucumbers planted on each side.  On the east side is the lemon cucumbers.  These were seeds saved from the lemon cucumbers that Lisa grew last year.  Not sure if we will get a cucumber that is the same as the ones that she grew but we are giving it a shot.  I have not saved seed before so I am hoping for the best.  On the west side of the fence are the Johnny's seeds.  We ordered a pickling variety and a slicing variety. 
Along another length of fence are planted partial rows of two pole type beans, some lima beans and a few bush beans that do not need a fence and were planted by accident along the fence.
And then some of the melons.  These melons were planted in the north half of the cornfield to provide a little distance between the two varieties of sweet corn.  These were planted as hills.  They were started in the greenhouse with three seeds to a cell and potted up to solo cups keeping the three seedlings together.  
There are melons planted in other parts of the cornfield but these are four hills each of Maverick and Vine Peach cantaloupe on the left and right and three hills of Lisa's yellow watermelon (saved seeds from last year)  When I planted these I put circles of dried grass around them to try to keep the weeds down.  It seems to be helping but it looks like of silly.

These pictures are of a red watermelon variety planted in hills and a row.

Never having grown melons I am excited to see how they do. 

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