Saturday, July 13, 2013

The garden is loving this weather

I can't believe how much things are changing since I did the first of the month garden update photos (which ended up being the first week of the month).  I should really have taken new ones and if we have some dry weather this weekend I may get more pictures done.  The Johnny corn has doubled in height and the Perry corn is a least a foot tall.  The pumpkins vines are getting huge and spreading all over the place.  The zucchini and yellow squash is making fruit.  I was able to pick the first zucchini tonight and it was about eight inches long.  There are more coming.  The lemon cukes are spreading into the walkway between the rows instead of climbing up the trellis.  They are flowering but no fruit set yet.  The gourds look like they are getting ready to flower.  The pole beans are flowering and climbing the trellis.  All of the tomatoes have little yellow flowers on them.  I did add some tomato cages yesterday and today I bought some stakes to try to stake up the remaining   Most of the squashes are flowering but the melons are smaller with no flowers yet. 

I have some crops for fall that I would like to seed so hopefully that will get done this weekend.  The poor flower bed is taken over with milkweed but boy does it smell nice when you walk by it and there have been a few monarchs in the yard.

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