Sunday, July 28, 2013

corn is getting silks

Our Johnny corn is getting silks.  According to a source on google it should be 18-22 days until harvest.  And that the corn should be at it's best for five days. 
Here is a picture of a melon that is started.  it is about the size of a baseball.  I have some problems with the vines of one variety mingling with the vines of other varieties.  It may take a little work to sort out which is which.  Or we could just wait until they mature to figure out what it is. 

Here is an overall shot of the cornfield taken from the field approach at the west end.  In this picture you can see the corn in the back section.  The Perry corn is on the left and the Johnny corn is to the right (with tassels).  Between the two corn patches are some watermelon and cantaloupe.  In the front sections are the squashes on the left, them more melons, gourds, tomatoes,. cucumbers, beans potatoes and another row of tomatoes and sweet potatoes.

Here is picture of the Johnny corn.  For comparison you can see a fencepost on the right side of the picture.

It is hard to tell but this is two rows of cherry tomatoes that did not get caged.  They have taken over the walk space between them and the space on either side of them.

This is the lemon cucumbers that are spreading across the walkway towards the beans.

This is two rows of gourds that are taking over a row of bush beans on the right.

Tomato plants.  No red tomatoes yet.

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