Monday, July 1, 2013

first of the month garden update-berries and 'gus

Last year Caitlin and I transplanted some of the black raspberry canes that have grown wild along the edges of our grove into a row near the potager.  We nursed them along hoping that without competition from weeds and trees and a little TLC they would take root and provide bigger and better berries than the wild ones.  A few of the plants did not flourish and later in the summer these were replaced with more.  This is what they look like now.
The old growth from last year has smaller leaves and had flowers this spring.  Here is a shot of some of last years growth with the developing berries.
 And here is a shot of the new growth.  These did not have flowers and so there are no developing berries.  I will be watching to see if they fruit yet this fall or if we wait until next year.  I love the pleated look of the leaves.  There is quite a bit of this new growth especially at the north end of the row. 
The raspberries always remind me of my kids' Grandpa Warren who would stop over every summer to forage for berries.

Here is a couple of shots of our asparagus.  We have had so much wind that they seem to be growing at an angle.  I took some string and tried to keep the fronds out of the way of the mower.  There are still spears coming up and the temptation to pick them is great but I know I must let them go to get stronger plants for next year.  The two replacement plants are doing well.  Today I added a little more dirt to their holes.

And then the blueberries.  I have been worrying over these six blueberry plants.

We planted them in 2011 and last year they did not do much.  They didn't really grow and all my efforts to acidify the soil seemed to have no effect.  It was with bated breath that I watched in the spring to see if they would come up.  They did.  I have six plants, two each of three varieties and each of the pair seems to be doing  similarly.  I have one variety that is small and more yellow in color.  I am still worried about these guys.

One variety that is more green,

And one variety that has berries forming!  These guys give me hope.

Not a lot of berries but I am excited to see even these few.

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