Wednesday, July 3, 2013

first of the month garden update-tomatoes

This year we planted four different varieties of tomatoes, an heirloom, a paste, a cherry and a beef tomato.  We started them all from seeds in the greenhouse and we planted them all into the corn field on raised rows.

In row 3 are the big beef tomatoes.  They are planted on both sides of a fence in kind of an alternating double row.  The plants are tied to the fence.  When I planted them I took the plants that I had and divided them more or less evenly along the fence.  Not a very scientific method to be sure but we will see if they seem to be too close together as the season progresses.

Next  are the cherry tomatoes.  They are planted in two raised rows.  They so far have not gotten any attention as far as trellising.  My plan was to try a couple of methods of trellising that i had not used before and these tomatoes are awaiting that project.

There is a fair amount of difference in size of the plants as some are considerably larger than the others.  There is a some flowering going on and I even spotted two tiny tomatoes started on one plant.
These next tomatoes are the brandywines. They are the heirlooms.  They are planted in two raised rows and like the cherry tomatoes they are awaiting trellising.
And finally the paste tomatoes.  There are also two raised rows of these tomatoes.  These plants have been caged with small tomato cages.

There is a group of four tomatoes that are planted around a 5 gallon bucket submerged in the ground that in the cornfield and three San Marzano paste tomatoes in the potager that are not pictured.  There are a few yellow blossoms so hopefully we will soon have tomatoes.

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