Tuesday, June 25, 2013

water project stage two

Today Dad came out and glued the rest of the PVC pipe together into one long length.
When it was all glued together it was 150 feet long and we threaded it through the grove. 

We actually threaded it through the grove twice as the first time we didn't end up where we wanted to end up.  It should have been a straight shot through the grove heading southwesterly in a more or less straight line.  But my lack of a sense of direction is pretty much legendary and we came out the first time on the south side of the grove instead of the west side.  Kind of embarrassing but Dad never said a word he just backed the pipe out part way and we (I) did better the second time. 

Stage three of this project involves putting an upright at each end with a hose attachment and then digging a post hole and installing a post for the uprights to attach too.  There will be a pole at each edge of the grove.  Dad has taken the upright portions into town to work on them in his mosquito free workshop and will bring them out ready to attach to the ends of the pipe.  It is coming together well!

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