Thursday, May 7, 2015

a couple of experiments

Nikole's experiment

This winter Nikole left at the farm a couple of grow bags for me to plant in the greenhouse and then she would grow them at her house in the city, perhaps on her beautiful deck and patio that she and Brad built last summer.  The tomatoes are getting to be  pretty sturdy in their red solo cups and she reminded me about the bags so today I selected a couple of tomatoes and got them planted.  It will be interesting to see how they do.  Because they are quite large and because they will need to make the 2+ hour trip from the farm to the big city, I decided to set each one in a tub for transport.  I also filled each pot only half full with the plan that Nikole will place the pots in their final location and then add more soil to fill the pots.  I placed the plants quite deep and tomatoes will grow roots along the buried stem so by the time that Nikole puts them outside, our last frost date is 10 days away yet, she should be able to fill the pot up to the leaves with more dirt.  The pot is called a smart pot and according to the label that was stapled to it there are many advantages to using this type of container.  The label says it was $10 when she purchased it but that may have been before last years growing season.  If she has any 'after' pictures on her blog I will post a link.   The fabric looks and feels like a type of felt and I think that black color will warm up the soil which the tomatoes should appreciate.  

Big Beef (back) and Oregon Spring (front)

My experiment:

The farm is mostly a no spray farm.   Although we have occasionally used a little spray on the fence lines for the most part all the lawn and garden areas do not receive any chemical sprays or fertilizers and I follow mostly organic processes.  So, this is my lawn every year in the spring and off and on during the summer.

This is the lawn in front of my house, between the house and the road.  It has hundreds--thousands--of bright yellow dandelion flowers.  Earlier this year  I found this recipe for a honey colored dandelion jelly. I think this might be the year to give it a try.  I am thinking that if I hold off mowing that patch until I can pick the blossoms it should be a fun project.  My kids will be at the farm for mother's day and it might be something that we can do together.  I wonder if small jars would sell on the farmstand? 


  1. That is very interesting. I have never heard of dandelion jelly before...but then again, I live in the monochromatic suburbs. Everything here is vanilla!

    Thanks for the comments Lorri. I did get your other one. It went to my junk mail for some reason...hmmm. I am busy this week, but making my rounds now! Thanks for the heads up and hey, Happy Mother's Day!!

    1. Happy Mother's day to you too!