Saturday, May 2, 2015

first harvest of the spring

The first half pound of asparagus has been harvested and will be headed to the big city.  This is from the first asparagus bed that we planted several years ago.  Last year we were able to enjoy a few of the spears but this year we should be able to harvest and use it at will.  We started our plants from seed instead of buying year old crowns so we had an extra year of growing needed before we can enjoy them.  This is the row that is east of the potager and last year I planted two more rows in the big garden and I have seeds started for two more rows that will also go in the big garden a little later this spring.   


  1. They look like you are weighing cloth! Silly me, kept looking for the photo. Pretty colors. xoxo Su

    1. I was weighing the asparagus. My daughter that is getting the asparagus (and my other daughter's fiance) gave me the scale for Christmas. I am always impressed when gardeners talk about how many pounds of food came out of the gardens. I am going to try and keep track.

  2. Ha! I thought it was cloth too...just like Su did! The asparagus has such a pretty pattern, it looks like material! Happy harvesting!