Thursday, May 28, 2015

garden update

It has been 10 days since the last post.  Doesn't hardly seem possible.  I have been keeping busy.  The lawn is growing like crazy and between yesterday and today I finally got it mowed.  Parts of it was pretty long.  Last time I mowed I was only able to finish part of it before the rain so what didn't get done was really long now.  The nice thing about when that happens is that it makes for lots of grass clippings to collect and lay in the walking rows to help with weed control.  If the weeds keep growing like they are we will need lots of grass clippings.  So far I have enough for five or six rows. 

Nathan and Michelle were here this past weekend.  While they were here we got the rest of the sprinkler timer installed.  I had mounted it on the post and attached one hose and now four hoses are attached and they are all programmed.  I wanted to get the lawn mowed around the garden before I watered but I did turn it on to see if it was working and it is working great.  There is nothing planted yet in the west end of the garden so Zone 3 and 4 are turned off.  There are thunderstorms predicted for tonight and tomorrow so if we get a decent amount of rain I might be able to turn it off for tomorrow. 

I did get some stuff planted in the garden, some tomatoes, some kohlrabi and some peppers.  The very next day I noticed that some of the kohlrabi had already been nibbled on and a couple of the tomatoes had been sampled as well.  Lots more stuff to plant, both seeds and transplants.  Hoping the weather cooperates.  It has been kind of a cool wet spring.

I got the rings around the plum trees enlarged.  The pears are left to do and I have to spread some wood chips around but it is one of the tasks on my to do list so it is nice to make some progress.

I have this cute little distraction.

 Cait and Robb have a new dog.  She is a rescue puppy named Willow and I am babysitting while they travel to Kansas for the wedding of a college friend.   This weekend the rest of the dogs and their humans will be around.  We will be going to a nephew's grad party and maybe doing a little gardening.  Should be some exciting times.  I will try to get some pictures. 


  1. Willow is cute ! Sounds like your garden to coming along, Get Honey and Indy busy on bunny patrol. And make good use of the " human " help this weekend ! And enjoy the 4 legged kids. The plants from you look great , I have them all planted. Also hope you have a nice birthday.

    1. Thanks Bobbie, it was a good birthday. We went to a grad party this afternoon/evening and have been playing with the dogs. Lots of energy and racing around with abandon. Eight dogs on one yard and six of them in one small house makes for lots of excitement. Glad they all get along :).