Sunday, May 3, 2015

anothrer beautiful full moon...

I don't know why the sky in the country can look so different that the city sky. 

It was a beautiful weekend.  We didn't get the rain that was predicted so I am busy watering.  All of my hoses were leaky so I spent part of the day replacing washers.  I have some of the sprinklers set up in the big garden and am trying to keep the few things that are planted moist.  The pea seeds have sprouted and part of the onion plants are in ground.  A row of carrots is planted but they have not sprouted yet.  I watered the ram pens and rows by the potager and the grapes and the orchard. 

More trees are flowering, the lilac, the ornamental flowering crab, both apples and both plums.  The pears are not started yet.  If we don't get more rain I will need to water the flower beds as well. I also spent some time in the greenhouse.  There is getting to be a bunch of time spent watering.  Most of the greenhouse lettuces have bolted and in their place are the spring garden seedlings that I started in the house and moved to the greenhouse.  Most of what is there are the tender vegetables, some flowers and some herbs. 

I have been doing some pruning and all day today I have been drinking basil infused ice water.  We are growing two varieties of basil, a genovese basil and a citrus basil.  The prunings of both make really tasty water.  Yesterday afternoon I picked some asparagus and sent it with Robb who was making the trip to the big city to see Caitlin.  Today there was asparagus that was too short to pick yesterday but today had doubled in size.  I picked a couple of the biggest ones and brushed them with a little garlic flavored olive oil and put them on the grill in the kitchen.  They were great.

Today when I was watering in the greenhouse I counted 360 red solo cups with tomato plants and pepper plants.  Next time I will have to count the smaller white cups.  And take some pictures. . 

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