Tuesday, May 5, 2015

If I am blogging in the afternoon I must be avoiding the lawn mower...

I am embarrassed to note that I have not posted many recipes this winter and spring.  My last post on my Farmstand Cookbook blog was in way back in November.  So today when I was grabbing a quick bite between transplanting seedlings in the greenhouse and getting ready to hit the mowing I grabbed a quick picture of my lunch.

Omelet with browned butter and fresh sage
The recipe is here.  Or click on the left side bar where is says my other blogs if you are interested in my lunch.

My A Dozen for Dinner blog was in even worse shape with it being 10 months since my last post.  To be fair, it has an entertaining focus and I have not be very entertaining lately.  I have a couple opportunities to cook for others coming up and I promise to get some pictures and post the recipes.  I have my menu decided for my supper meeting next week.  One old favorite, and some new facebook/pinterest finds.  I will trial run the new recipes for Mother's Day and report back how they turned out.


  1. Yum! Looks good. I am not a real big cook. I prefer to decorate and clean...gasp!!

    1. Thanks, I love to cook and bake especially when there are others to cook for. I am better at that then I am decorating or cleaning. The extent of my decorating lately has been pinning fun ideas on pinterest. I think that simple food can be as good or better than complicated, fancy dishes although i enjoy both kinds equally. I think your mom's chicken looks really good and it may be easy to do but it looks fancy.